WVCDL Legislation Tracking Service

The following firearms and self-defense related bills have been introduced in the WV Legislature during the 2017 session. All new bills will be marked as "Awaiting WVCDL Review" and posted under the "WVCDL Neutral" category until reviewed by the WVCDL and a decision is made whether to support or oppose the bill. Please note that many "rollover" bills (bill carried over from last session) are omitted here for brevity's sake.

To see the full details of the bill, including the full-text, click the bill number to be taken to the West Virginia Legislature's website.

It should be noted that the WVCDL has no pride of authorship and is willing to support any bill that protects or restores the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in West Virginia, regardless of who authors the bill.

Bill Number WVCDL Position Title Status
4187 Strongly Support Business Liability Protection Act: Requires businesses to allow employees to store firearms in vehicles parked on business property. Removes business owner liability from damage resulting from same. Passed Legislature.
4298 Strongly Support The Campus Self Defense Act: Allows carry of defensive firearms on college and university campuses. Committee: House Education
2916 Support Authorizing certain first responders to carry firearms: Allows carry of defensive firearms under certain conditions by certain first responders Passed House, current committee: Senate Judiciary
244 Strongly Support Specifying conditions for unlawful possession of firearm at school-sponsored activities: Passed Legislature
484 Strongly Support Business Liability Protection Act: Senate companion bill to 4187 above. Senate Judiciary
4329 Strongly Opposes Requiring pawnbrokers to providing certain information to law-enforcement agencies: Creates third-party registry of firearms and people transacting in firearms through pawn brokers. Returned to Judiciary.
451 Strongly Support Permitting Sunday hunting on public lands Passed Legislature.