Ratings last updated: 10/29/2016
These are the current letter grades for candidates and office holders. If a candidate or office holder is missing from this list, it may mean several things.

1. The WVCDL did not receive a candidate survey..
2. On candidates with an unknown record, we have not received a candidate survey.

Also, the WVCDL is expecting two rounds of endorsements. One prior to the primaries, and one after. This page will be updated when any grades or endorsements are released. All grades are subject to change.

Alex MooneyUnited States House of Representatives (2nd)A+NR
Mark HuntUnited States House of Representatives (2nd)A+ND

Evan Jenkins
United States House of Representatives (3rd)A+YR

Bill Cole
GovernorA+YRAs Senate President, Bill Cole's strong leadership was pivotal in the passage of Constitutional Carry.
Jim JusticeGovernorDNDJim Justice does not seem to make policy statements on anything. But on video, he supported selling your self-defense rights to you, and opposed constitutional carry

Beth Walker
Supreme CourtA+YN

Patrick Morrisey
WV Attorney GeneralA+YR
Jack YostWV Senate 1Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, MarshallCND
Ryan WeldWV Senate 1Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, MarshallCNR
Mike MaroneyWV Senate 2Marshall, Monongalia, Wetzel, Marion,Tyler, Doddridge, Calhoun, Ritchie, GilmerNSNR
Lisa ZukoffWV Senate 2Marshall, Monongalia, Wetzel, Marion,Tyler, Doddridge, Calhoun, Ritchie, GilmerNSND

Mike Azinger
WV Senate 3Pleasants, Wood, Wirt, RoaneA+YR

Donna Boley
WV Senate 3Pleasants, Wood, Wirt, RoaneAYR
Bradley VanzileWV Senate 3Pleasants, Wood, Wirt, RoaneNSND
Gregory SmithWV Senate 3Pleasants, Wood, Wirt, RoaneDND

Mitch Carmichael
WV Senate 4Jackson, Mason, Roane, PutnamA+YR
Brian PrimWV Senate 4Jackson, Mason, Roane, PutnamNSND
Robert PlymaleWV Senate 5Cabell, WayneBND
Tyson SmithWV Senate 5Cabell, WayneNSNR
Rockwell SeayWV Senate 6Wayne, Mingo, Mcdowell, MercerNSND
Chandler SwopeWV Senate 6Wayne, Mingo, Mcdowell, MercerNSNR
Jordan BridgesWV Senate 7Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan, MingoBNR
Richard OjedaWV Senate 7Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan, MingoNSND

Chris Walters
WV Senate 8Putnam, KanawhaA+YR
Glenn JeffriesWV Senate 8Putnam, KanawhaFND

Sue Cline
WV Senate 9Raleigh, Wyoming, McdowellA+YR
Michael GoodeWV Senate 9Raleigh, Wyoming, McdowellNSND
Kenny MannWV Senate 10Fayette, Greenbrier, Summers, MonroeNSNR

Dave Perry
WV Senate 10Fayette, Greenbrier, Summers, MonroeA+YD
Greg BosoWV Senate 11Upshur, Randolph, Grant, Pendleton, Webster, Nicholas, PocahontasA+NR
Denise CampbellWV Senate 11Upshur, Randolph, Grant, Pendleton, Webster, Nicholas, PocahontasAND
Franklin CornetteWV Senate 12Harrison, Lewis, Gilmer, Braxton, ClayNSNR
Doug FacemireWV Senate 12Harrison, Lewis, Gilmer, Braxton, ClayC-ND
Barry BledsoeWV Senate 13Monongalia, MarionNSNR
Roman PreziosoWV Senate 13Monongalia, MarionAND
Randy SmithWV Senate 14Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Tucker, Grant, Mineral, HardyA+NR
Bob WilliamsWV Senate 14Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Tucker, Grant, Mineral, HardyAND

Craig Blair
WV Senate 15Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, BerkeleyA+YRSenator Blair was crucial in driving Constitutional Carry in both 2015 and 2016.
Brad NollWV Senate 15Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, BerkeleyNSND

Patricia Rucker
WV Senate 16Berkeley, JeffersonA+YR
Stephen SkinnerWV Senate 16Berkeley, JeffersonF-NDDO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE

Chris Stansbury
WV Senate 17KanawhaA+YR
Corey PalumboWV Senate 17KanawhaFND

Pat McGeehan
WV House 1Hancock, BrookeA+YR
Ronnie JonesWV House 1Hancock, BrookeNSND

Mark Zatezalo
WV House 1Hancock, BrookeAYR
Robert DiciccioWV House 2Brooke, OhioNSNR
Phillip DiserioWV House 2Brooke, OhioCND

Shawn Fluharty
WV House 3OhioAYD
Scott ReedWV House 3OhioNSNR
Erikka StorchWV House 3OhioCNR
Joe CanestraroWV House 4Ohio, MarshallNSND
David EvansWV House 4Ohio, MarshallBNR
Mike FerroWV House 4Ohio, MarshallNSND
Del KelleyWV House 4Ohio, MarshallNSNR
Dave PethelWV House 5Wetzel, MonongaliaCND
Phillip WileyWV House 5Wetzel, MonongaliaNSNR
Chris CombsWV House 6Pleasants, Tyler, Doddridge NSND
Roger RomineWV House 6Pleasants, Tyler, Doddridge NSNR
Jason HarshbargerWV House 7Pleasants, RitchieA+NR
Bill AndersonWV House 8WoodNSNR
Ray HollenWV House 9Wood, WirtNSNR
Jim MarionWV House 9Wood, WirtNSND
Vernon CrissWV House 10WoodNSNR
Andy DanielWV House 10WoodDND

Frank Deem
WV House 10WoodAYR

John Kelly
WV House 10WoodA+YR
Morgan LeachWV House 10WoodNSND
Bill MerrimanWV House 10WoodNSND
Martin Atkinson IIIWV House 11Roane, JacksonNSNR
Tanya BenbowWV House 11Roane, JacksonNSND
Missy MorrisWV House 12JacksonDND
Steve WestfallWV House 12JacksonDNR

Michael Ihle
WV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamA+YR
Scott BrewerWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamBND
Joshua HigginbothamWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamNSNR
Rosalee Juba-PlumleyWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamNSND

Jim Butler
WV House 14Mason, PutnamA+YR
Samantha FooceWV House 14Mason, PutnamD+ND
Geoff FosterWV House 15PutnamNSNR
Jeffery SmithWV House 15PutnamNSND

Dale Anderson II
WV House 16Cabell, LincolnA+YR

Carol Miller
WV House 16Cabell, LincolnA+YR
Joe AkersWV House 16Cabell, LincolnNSND
Sean HornbuckleWV House 16Cabell, LincolnDND

Chuck Romine
WV House 16Cabell, LincolnA+YR
Matt SpurlockWV House 16Cabell, LincolnNSND
AnneDandeletWV House 17CabellNSNR
Joe FinchamWV House 17CabellNSND
Chad LovejoyWV House 17CabellNSND

Matthew Rohrbach
WV House 17CabellA+YR

Kelli Sobonya
WV House 18CabellA+YR
Billy Chaffin IIWV House 18CabellFND

John Creamer
WV House 19WayneA+YR
Ken HicksWV House 19WayneNSND
Mark RossWV House 19WayneANR
Matt StroudWV House 19WayneA+ND
Robert ThompsonWV House 19WayneAND

Justin Marcum
WV House 20Mingo, LoganA+YD
Michael BaisdenWV House 20Mingo, LoganNSNR
Mark DeanWV House 21Mingo, Wyoming, McDowellANR
Phyllis WhiteWV House 21Mingo, Wyoming, McDowellNSND

Jeff Eldridge
WV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganA+YD

Michael Moffatt
WV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganA+YR
Zack MaynardWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganNSNR
Gary McCallisterWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganAND
Daniel BelcherWV House 23BooneA+NR
Rodney MillerWV House 23BooneF-NDRodney Miller was the single most anti-gun force in West Virginia for 2015 and 2016. He was more destructive to our right to bear arms than New York anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, or any of WV's sitting anti-gun politicians. If you care for your Second Amendment Rights, DO NOT VOTE FOR RODNEY MILLER under any circumstances.

Rupie Phillips
WV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingA+YD

Ralph Rodighiero
WV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingA+YD
Tamus RoweWV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingNSNR
Aaron StoneWV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingBNR
Frank BlackwellWV House 25Wyoming, McDowell, MercerNSND

Tony Paynter
WV House 25Wyoming, McDowell, MercerA+YR
Ed EvansWV House 26McDowell, MercerNSND
Brian HarrisonWV House 26McDowell, MercerNSNR
Carol BaileyWV House 27MercerNSND

Joe Ellington
WV House 27MercerA+YR

Marty Gearheart
WV House 27MercerAYR
John ShottWV House 27MercerBNR
Sabrina ShraderWV House 27MercerNSND
Lacy WatsonWV House 27MercerNSND
Roy CooperWV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeDNR
William O'BrienWV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeNSND

John O'Neal
WV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeA+YR
Wayne WilliamsWV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeNSND

Ricky Moye
WV House 29RaleighA+YD* This is a primary endorsement for the Democratic Primary.
Greg WoodWV House 29RaleighNSNR
Mike BatesWV House 30RaleighDND
Todd KirbyWV House 30RaleighD-NR

Lynn Arvon
WV House 31Raleigh, WyomingAYR
Kristen RossWV House 31Raleigh, WyomingC-ND

Kayla Kessinger
WV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighA+YR

Tom Fast
WV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighA-YR
Shirley LoveWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighAND
John PinoWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighNSND
Margaret StaggersWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighC-ND

Austin Haynes
WV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighA+YR

Roger Hanshaw
WV House 33Gilmer, Calhoun, ClayAYR
David WalkerWV House 33Gilmer, Calhoun, ClayA-ND

Brent Boggs
WV House 34Gilmer, BraxtonA+YD
Dwight GivenWV House 34Gilmer, BraxtonA+NR
Ben AdamsWV House 35KanawhaNSND
Andrew ByrdWV House 35KanawhaFND
Moore CapitoWV House 35KanawhaNSNR
Charlotte LaneWV House 35KanawhaNSNR
Eric NelsonWV House 35KanawhaCNR

Keith Pauley
WV House 35KanawhaA+YR
Benjamin SheridanWV House 35KanawhaF-NDDO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE
Adam MarcumWV House 36KanawhaNSNR
Andrew RobinsonWV House 36KanawhaNSND

Chealsea Walker-Gaskins
WV House 36KanawhaAYR

Brad White
WV House 36KanawhaA+YR

Thomas Goodman
WV House 37KanawhaAYR

Nancy Foster
WV House 38PutnamAYR
Tom TullWV House 38PutnamDND
Wes HoldenWV House 39KanawhaDND
Chris ReedWV House 39KanawhaNSNM

Ron Walters
WV House 39KanawhaA+YR

Tim Armstaed
WV House 40KanawhaA+YRSpeaker Armstead's leadership was critical in passage of constitutional carry.
Melissa HuffmanWV House 40KanawhaNSND
Jeffrey StraightWV House 40KanawhaNSNM

Jordan Hill
WV House 41Nicholas, GreenbrierA+YR
Adam YoungWV House 41Nicholas, GreenbrierAND
George AmblerWV House 42Greenbrier, Monroa, SummersCNR
Stephen BaldwinWV House 42Greenbrier, Monroa, SummersDND

Ray Canterbury
WV House 42Greenbrier, Monroa, SummersA+YR

Bill Hartman
WV House 43Randolph, PocahontasA+YD
Phil IsnerWV House 43Randolph, PocahontasNSND
Phillips KolsunWV House 43Randolph, PocahontasDNR

Clayton Moore
WV House 43Randolph, PocahontasA+YR

Duane Borchers
WV House 44Upshur, Randolph, Webster, NicholasA+YR
Barbara DanielsWV House 44Upshur, Randolph, Webster, NicholasD-NM
Dana LynchWV House 44Upshur, Randolph, Webster, NicholasCND
Bill HamiltonWV House 45UpshurCNR
Patrick MartinWV House 46Lewis, UpshurANR

Peggy Donaldson Smith
WV House 46Lewis, UpshurA+YD
Ken AuvilWV House 47Barbour, TuckerNSND

Danny Wagner
WV House 47Barbour, TuckerA+YR

Danny Hamrick
WV House 48HarrisonA+YR
Richard IaquintaWV House 48HarrisonDNDSpoke in favor of repealing Constitutional Carry.
Derek McIntyreWV House 48HarrisonNSND
Tim MileyWV House 48HarrisonBND

Ben Queen
WV House 48HarrisonA+YR

Terry Waxman
WV House 48HarrisonA+YR
Richard WolfeWV House 48HarrisonNSNR
Wayne WorthWV House 48HarrisonDNDSpoke in favor of repealing Constitutional Carry.
Dave GobelWV House 49Monongalia, Marion, TaylorNSND

Amy Summers
WV House 49Monongalia, Marion, TaylorA+YR
Mike CaputoWV House 50MarionDND
Linda LongstrethWV House 50MarionDND
Phil MallowWV House 50MarionNSNR

Bobbie Damon Triplett II
WV House 50MarionAYR
Guy WardWV House 50MarionNSNR
MIchael AcevedoWV House 51MonongaliaNSNR
Barbara Evans FleischauerWV House 51MonongaliaFND

Cindy Frich
WV House 51MonongaliaA+YR
Evan HansenWV House 51MonongaliaNSND
Nancy JamisonWV House 51MonongaliaF-NDDO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE

Brian Kurcaba
WV House 51MonongaliaA+YR

Joe Statler
WV House 51MonongaliaA+YR
John WilliamsWV House 51MonongaliaF-ND

Eric Finch
WV House 51MonongaliaA+YR
Steve ShafferWV House 52PrestonCND

Terri Funk Sypolt
WV House 52PrestonA+YR

Tony Lewis
WV House 53Preston, TuckerA-YR
Al TomsonWV House 53Preston, TuckerNSND
Allen EvansWV House 54Mineral, Grant, PendletonNSNR
Stephen SmithWV House 55Hardy, PendletonNSNR

Isaac Sponaugle
WV House 55Hardy, PendletonA+YD

Gary Howell
WV House 56MineralA+YR
Beverly Cookman KeadleWV House 57Mineral, HampshireF-NDDO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE
Ruth RowanWV House 57Mineral, HampshireNSNR
Daryl CowlesWV House 58Morgan, HampshireFNRDaryl Cowles lied to the WVCDL and the people of West Virginia, claiming to support your right to bear arms, and then stabbing you in the back in the 2015 session by fighting viciously against your rights, and voting against them again in 2016.

Saira Blair
WV House 59Berkeley, MorganA+YRSaira Blair was the lead sponsor on Constitutional Carry in 2016
Cat WebsterWV House 59Berkeley, MorganNSND
Gary CollisWV House 60BerkeleyAND

Marshall Wilson
WV House 60BerkeleyA+YR
Jason BarrettWV House 61BerkeleyA+ND** This is a primary endorsement for the Democratic primary.
Travis BishopWV House 61BerkeleyA+NR** This is a primary endorsement for the Republican primary.

John Overington
WV House 62BerkeleyA+YR
Christy SantanaWV House 62BerkeleyNSND

Mike Folk
WV House 63BerkeleyA+YR
Kenneth Lemaster, Jr.WV House 63BerkeleyF-NDDO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE

Eric Householder
WV House 64BerkeleyA+YR
Barbara FrankenberryWV House 64BerkeleyNSND

Jill Upson
WV House 65JeffersonA+YR
Sammi BrownWV House 65JeffersonNSND
David DingesWV House 66JeffersonNSND

Paul Espinosa
WV House 66JeffersonA+YR
Riley MooreWV House 67JeffersonNSNR
Philip G. FergusonBarbour SheriffNSND
James W. BarbourBerkeley SheriffA+NR
Tim Greenfield Jr.Berkeley SheriffA+NR
Gary HarmisonBerkeley SheriffCNR
Davy JonesBerkeley SheriffA+NR
Scott MyersBerkeley SheriffA+NR
Charley RennerBerkeley SheriffNSNR
D. Scott RichmondBerkeley SheriffNSNR
Bob WaltersBerkeley SheriffA+NR

Curtis Keller
Berkeley SheriffA+YR
Derek AngelBoone SheriffNSNR
Jennings P. MillerBoone SheriffNSND
Randall WhiteBoone SheriffNSND
Russel J. BelknapBraxton SheriffNSND
John E. StumpBraxton SheriffNSND

Fred G. Thompson
Braxton SheriffA+YD
Eddie Wayne WilliamsBraxton SheriffNSNR
Larry C. Palmer, Jr.Brooke SheriffNSND
Herman A. BeckettCabell SheriffNSND
Greg LawsonCabell SheriffD+ND
Charles ZerkleCabell SheriffNSND
Bob GrovesCalhoun SheriffNSND
Brandi RichardsCalhoun SheriffNSND

Jeff Starcher
Calhoun SheriffA+YD
Andy WalkerCalhoun SheriffNSND
Robert BeltClay SheriffNSND
Randy N. HolcombClay SheriffNSND
Shane MortonClay SheriffNSND
Donny TriplettClay SheriffNSND
J. R. BoyceDoddridge SheriffNSNR
Mike HeadlyDoddridge SheriffNSNR
Jefferey E. McKinneyDoddridge SheriffNSND
Worthy C. Underwood, Jr.Doddridge SheriffNSNR

Thomas E. Ballard III
Fayette SheriffAYR
Charlie BryantFayette SheriffNSND
Mike FridleyFayette SheriffNSND
John KauffFayette SheriffNSND
Paul A. Tygrett Jr.Fayette SheriffNSND
Larry D. GerwigGilmer SheriffNSND
Mickey E. MetzGilmer SheriffNSND
Jason BowenGrant SheriffNSNR
Brian OursGrant SheriffA+NR
Gary W. SmithGrant SheriffA+NR
Jan CahillGreenbrier SheriffNSND
John P. AlkireHampshire SheriffNSNR
Ralph FletcherHancock SheriffNSND
Bryan C. WardHardy SheriffCND
Warren E. DavisHarrison SheriffNSND
Steven JohnsonHarrison SheriffNSND

Robert Matheny
Harrison SheriffA+YD
Jeff McAteeHarrison SheriffNSND
Jesse MenendezHarrison SheriffNSND
Don S. QuinnHarrison SheriffNSNR
Tony BoggsJackson SheriffNSND
Pete DoughertyJefferson SheriffAND
Tom HansenJefferson SheriffA+NR
Tom NewcomerJefferson SheriffA+NR
Steve Sowers Sr.Jefferson SheriffA+NR
Michael RutherfordKanawha SheriffNSND
David TuckerKanawha SheriffNSND
Adam GissyLewis SheriffNSND
Gary LinvilleLewis SheriffNSNR
Ken FarleyLincoln SheriffNSND
Tim PullenLincoln SheriffNSND
Sonya Dingess PorterLogan SheriffNSND
Roger BoordMarion SheriffB+ND
David JamesMarion SheriffC+ND
Ted OffutMarion SheriffB+ND
Jimmy RiffleMarion SheriffNSND
Ralph WrightMarion SheriffNSND
Kevin CecilMarshall SheriffNSND
Joe FrankMason SheriffNSNR
Mark KearnsMason SheriffCND

Curtis McConihay
Mason SheriffA+YR
Greg PowersMason SheriffNSND
Jesse RaikeMason SheriffNSND
Quinten DawsonMcDowell SheriffNSNR
Kenneth D. KennedyMcDowell SheriffC+NR
Martin B. WestMcDowell SheriffNSND
Darrell BaileyMercer SheriffNSNR
Tommy BaileyMercer SheriffNSNR
Kevin WeissMercer SheriffCND
Jeremy S. TaylorMineral SheriffNSNR
Barry BlairMingo SheriffNSND
Marty FortnerMingo SheriffNSNR
James M. SmithMingo SheriffNSND

Earl C. Spence
Mingo SheriffA+YD
Gary DrvarMonongalia SheriffNSNR

John Kisner
Monongalia SheriffA+YD
Perry PalmerMonongalia SheriffNSND
Rick PanicoMonongalia SheriffNSNR
Sean CrosierMonroe SheriffNSND
Scott MillerMonroe SheriffNSNR

Kim C. Bohrer
Morgan SheriffA+YR
Wade ShambaughMorgan SheriffNSNR
Ronnie StotlerMorgan SheriffNSNR

Robert Dorsey Sr.
Nicholas SheriffA+YR
David HopkinsNicholas SheriffNSND
William F. NunleyNicholas SheriffNSND
Robert Henry, Jr. Ohio SheriffNSND
Tom HowardOhio SheriffNSND
Vinny JacovettyOhio SheriffNSND
Martin KimballOhio SheriffNSNR

John Powerll
Ohio SheriffA+YR
Kevin Brent CrossPendleton SheriffNSND
Donald HedrickPendleton SheriffNSNR
Michael CokeleyPleasants SheriffNSNR
Charles E. TempletonPleasants SheriffNSND
D. Wayne Wilson IIPleasants SheriffNSNR
Jeff BarlowPocahontas SheriffNSNR
Troy McCoyPocahontas SheriffNSND

David M. Warner
Pocahontas SheriffA+YR
Dan LoughriePreston SheriffNSNR
Jason PeasleePreston SheriffNSNR
Timothy SislerPreston SheriffNSNR
Steve DeweesePutnam County SheriffNSNR

Stan Ellison
Raleigh SheriffA+YR
P. Patrick McMillionRaleigh SheriffB-NR
Scott F. Van MeterRaleigh SheriffNSND
Mark T. BradyRandolph SheriffNSND
Robin DavisRandolph SheriffNSNR
Ron BarniakRitchie SheriffNSNR
Terry SnodgrassRitchie SheriffCNR
Matthew CooperRoane SheriffNSND
Matthew Bo WilliamsRoane SheriffNSND

Brandon J. Sears
Summers SheriffA+YD
Garry E. WheelerSummers SheriffNSND

Terry A. Austin
Taylor SheriffA+YR
Terring W. SkinnerTaylor SheriffFND
Brian K. WilfongTucker SheriffNSND
Dean PrattTyler SheriffNSNR
Trevor TallmanTyler SheriffNSND
Brian M. WeigleTyler SheriffNSNR
David H. CoffmanUpshur SheriffNSNR
Ray MossmanWayne SheriffNSND
Gary T. QueenWayne SheriffNSND
Charles R. ShafferWayne SheriffA+NR
Rocky SmithWayne SheriffNSND
Doug ThompsonWayne SheriffNSND

Rick Thompson
Wayne SheriffA+YD
David CutlipWebster SheriffNSND
David MorrisWebster SheriffNSND
Johnny SandyWebster SheriffNSND
David VandevenderWebster SheriffNSND
Mark EllerWetzel SheriffNSND
James B. HoskinsWetzel SheriffNSND
Mike KoontzWetzel SheriffNSND
Andy CheuvrontWirt SheriffNSND
Travis CorbittWirt SheriffNSND
Tracy CoxWirt SheriffNSNR
Morton Frey IIIWirt SheriffNSNR
Darrell NullWirt SheriffNSND
Dylan ShearsWirt SheriffNSNR
Dave FogginWood SheriffNSNR
Kenneth MerrittWood SheriffNSNR
Steve StephensWood SheriffNSNR
H. G. WilliamsWood SheriffNSNR
Rick WoddyardWood SheriffNSNR
Linus O. DavisWyoming SheriffNSND
C. S. Sherrill ParkerWyoming SheriffNSND

Catie Wilkes Delligatti
Berkeley County ProsecutorA+YRKatie Wilkes is running against Pam Neeley, whom the WVCDL believes is the most anti-gun prosecutor in WV.

Kent Leonhardt
Commissioner of AgricultureA+YRIn his time in the Senate, Kent Leonhardt was a solid supporter of our Right to Bear Arms.