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President - Ian Masters
E-mail: imasters (at) wvcdl (dot) org
Phone: 304-794-6702

Vice-President - Amber Perry
E-mail: aperrry (at) wvcdl (dot) org
Phone: 304-410-0788

Secretary - Keith Owen Campbell
E-mail: kcampbell (at) wvcdl (dot) org

Treasurer - Thomas Raynes
E-mail: traynes (at) wvcdl (dot) org

Note: To contact WVCDL officers via e-mail, you must manually type the e-mail address in the "To:" line of your e-mail program. We regret that we have had to remove actual e-mail addresses and links from this page. However, this move was necessary to reduce spam generated by automated programs that browse web pages in search of posted e-mail addresses and links.

Board of Directors
Pres. Ian T. Masters
Vice-Pres. Amber Perry
Sec. Keith Owen Campbell
Treas. Thomas Raynes
MAL. Patrick Moore
MAL. Kevin Patrick
MAL. Charles Horst

West Virginia CitizensDefense League (WVCDL)
PO Box 11371
Charleston, WV 25339-1371

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