Carol MillerUnited States House of Representatives (3rd)ANR
Richard OjedaUnited States House of Representatives (3rd)DNDOjeda continues to attack the Second Amendment in bizarre video rants in social media. Supports holding you responsible for the crimes of others (stolen guns), universal background checks (prelude to registration and confiscation) and more.
Joe ManchinUnited States SenateALLFNDHas been at the forefront of federal gun control since 2013
Patrick MorriseyUnited States SenateALLAYRAmong the candidates in this field, none has carried the Second Amendment banner so often and consistently as Patrick Morrisey.
Rusty HollenUnited States SenateALLANL
Chris PhillipsWV House 47Barbour, TuckerAYR
Ed LarryWV House 47Barbour, TuckerNSND
Anthony VitaleWV House 61BerkeleyNSNR
Brett RogersWV House 63BerkeleyANL
Cynthia ToodleWV House 62BerkeleyNSND
Eric HouseholderWV House 64BerkeleyAYR
Jason BarrettWV House 61BerkeleyAYD
John HardyWV House 63BerkeleyANR
Marshall WilsonWV House 60BerkeleyAYR
Sam BrownWV House 63BerkeleyAND
Tom BibbyWV House 62BerkeleyAYR
John UngerWV Senate 16Berkeley, JeffersonAND
Michael FolkWV Senate 16Berkeley, JeffersonANR
John IsnerWV House 59Berkeley, MorganAND
Larry KumpWV House 59Berkeley, MorganAYR
Larry LyonWV House 23BooneNSNR
Rodney MillerWV House 23BooneDND
Aaron StoneWV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingANR
Jordan BridgesWV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingNSNR
Ralph RodighieroWV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingAYD
Tim TomblinWV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingAND
Grace DavisWV House 2Brooke, OhioNSNR
Phillip DiserioWV House 2Brooke, OhioCNDVoted against Preemption cleanup.
Chad LovejoyWV House 17CabellAYD
Evan WorrellWV House 18CabellAYR
Jeanette RowseyWV House 17CabellNSND
Joyce HollandWV House 17CabellNSNR
Karen NanceWV House 18CabellNSND
Matthew RohrbachWV House 17CabellAYR
Dakota NelsonWV House 16Cabell, LincolnNSND
Daniel LinvilleWV House 16Cabell, LincolnAYR
John MandtWV House 16Cabell, LincolnNSNR
Matt SuprlockWV House 16Cabell, LincolnNSND
Sean HornbuckleWV House 16Cabell, LincolnFNDVotes and argues against every pro-gun bill he sees.
Vera MillerWV House 16Cabell, LincolnNSNR
Larry LundsfordWV Senate 5Cabell, WayneNSNR
Mike WoelfelWV Senate 5Cabell, WayneAYD
George AmblerWV Senate 10Fayette, Greenbrier, Summers, MonroeCNRNo vote on “constitutional carry,” yes vote on Parking Lots. Unreliable.
Stephen BaldwinWV Senate 10Fayette, Greenbrier, Summers, MonroeAYD
Brent BoggsWV House 34Gilmer, BraxtonAYD
Logan ThompsonWV House 34Gilmer, BraxtonNSNR
David WalkerWV House 33Gilmer, Calhoun, ClayAND
Roger HanshawWV House 33Gilmer, Calhoun, ClayANR
Cindy Lavender-BoweWV House 42Greenbrier, Monroe, SummersNSND
Denny CanterburyWV House 42Greenbrier, Monroe, SummersANR
Jeff CampbellWV House 42Greenbrier, Monroe, SummersAND
Steve MalcombWV House 42Greenbrier, Monroe, SummersNSNR
Diana MagnoneWV House 1Hancock, BrookeNSND
Mark ZetazeloWV House 1Hancock, BrookeBNRArgued anti-gun positions in House Judiciary on Parking Lots
Pat McGeehanWV House 1Hancock, BrookeAYR
Randy SwartzmillerWV House 1Hancock, BrookeAYDSwartzmiller has a history of sponsoring and driving WVCDL bills through the legislature.
Ryan FernsWV Senate 1Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, MarshallAYR
Ryan WeldWV Senate 1Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, MarshallDNRKilled Campus Carry in Committee 2019
William IhlenfeldWV Senate 1Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, MarshallNSND
Isaac SponaugleWV House 55Hardy, PendletonAYD
Jon HofWV House 55Hardy, PendletonDNR
Ben QueenWV House 48HarrisonAYR
Danny HamrickWV House 48HarrisonAYR
Debra ShrievesWV House 48HarrisonNSNR
Derek McIntyreWV House 48HarrisonNSND
Richard IaquintaWV House 48HarrisonCNDMade public anti-gun statements at campaign event in 2016, however, voted for 2A bills in 2018 session.
Robert GarciaWV House 48HarrisonNSND
Terry WaxmanWV House 48HarrisonAYR
Tim MileyWV House 48HarrisonAND
Will HymanWV House 48HarrisonAYL
Mike RomanoWV Senate 12Harrison, Lewis, Gilmer, Braxton, ClayDNDVoted against Constitutional Carry twice, voted for Parking Lots.
Waymond CorkWV Senate 12Harrison, Lewis, Gilmer, Braxton, ClayCNR
Missy MorrisWV House 12JacksonCNDNo survey this year, grade based on prior election survey answers.
Steve WestfallWV House 12JacksonBNR
Brian PrimWV Senate 4Jackson, Mason, Roane, PutnamNSND
Eric TarrWV Senate 4Jackson, Mason, Roane, PutnamAYR
David DingesWV House 66JeffersonNSND
Jill UpsonWV House 65JeffersonAYR
John DoyleWV House 67JeffersonFNDIn his previous time in the house, introduced anti-gun bills every year.
Paul EspinosaWV House 66JeffersonAYR
Riley MooreWV House 67JeffersonAYR
Sammi BrownWV House 65JeffersonNSND
Amanda Estep-BurtonWV House 36KanawhaNSND
Andrew ByrdWV House 35KanawhaFND
Andrew RobinsonWV House 36KanawhaBND
Charlotte LaneWV House 35KanawhaFNR
Chris PrittWV House 36KanawhaAYR
David HolmesWV House 39KanawhaNSND
David HolmesWV House 39KanawhaAND
Dean JeffriesWV House 40KanawhaAYR
Doug SkaffWV House 35KanawhaANDPrior Delegate, voted in favor of preemption.
Edward BurgessWV House 35KanawhaNSNR
Eric NelsonWV House 35KanawhaDNRVoted twice against constitutional carry twice.
Ethan MorrisWV House 36KanawhaCNRIncomplete survey. We must assume blank answers mean “oppose”
James RobinetteWV House 35KanawhaNSND
Larry RoweWV House 36KanawhaFNDOnce complained that WV was legalizing dynamite sweatervests.
Matthew JarrettWV House 36KanawhaNSNR
Melissa HuffmanWV House 40KanawhaNSND
Mike PushkinWV House 37KanawhaFNDHas never seen a pro-gun bill he supports.
Moore CapitoWV House 35KanawhaANR
Renate PoreWV House 35KanawhaNSND
Richard PatrickWV House 37KanawhaAYR
Sharon MalcomWV House 39KanawhaAYR
Terrell EllisWV Senate 17KanawhaNSND
Tom TakuboWV Senate 17KanawhaAYR
Patrick MartinWV House 46Lewis, UpshurAYR
Robert StultzWV House 46Lewis, UpshurNSND
Guy WardWV House 50MarionAYR
Linda LongstrethWV House 50MarionFNDRailed on House floor demanding gun control, voted against constitutional carry, then voted for 2A bills in 2018 session. Completely incoherent and unreliable on our issue.
Michael AngelucciWV House 50MarionNSND
Mike CaputoWV House 50MarionDND
Phil MallowWV House 50MarionAYR
Charles ClementsWV Senate 2Marshall, Monongalia, Wetzel, Marion,Tyler, Doddridge, Calhoun, Ritchie, GilmerBNR** Stated opposition to Campus Carry
Denny LongwellWV Senate 2Marshall, Monongalia, Wetzel, Marion,Tyler, Doddridge, Calhoun, Ritchie, GilmerNSND
Josh HigginbothamWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamAYR
Scott BrewerWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamAND
Scott CadleWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamAYR
Brianne SolomonWV House 14Mason, PutnamNSND
Jim ButlerWV House 14Mason, PutnamAYR
David CoxWV House 26McDowell, MercerNSNR
Ed EvansWV House 26McDowell, MercerAYD
Carol BaileyWV House 27MercerNSND
Eric PorterfieldWV House 27MercerAYR
Joe EllingtonWV House 27MercerAYR
John ShottWV House 27MercerCNRAs Chair of the powerful Judiciary Committee, Delegate Shott has routinely been the biggest legislative obstacle to passage of pro-gun bills. Despite that, he has voted for Constitutional Carry, Preemption cleanup, and other bills.
Lacy WatsonWV House 27MercerNSND
Phoebe MeadowsWV House 27MercerNSND
Gary HowellWV House 56MineralAYR
Timothy RyanWV House 56MineralNSND
John HottWV House 54Mineral, Grant, PendletonAYR
Ruth RowanWV House 57Mineral, HampshireANR
Charles TrumpWV Senate 15Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, BerkeleyAYR
Nathan BrownWV House 20Mingo, LoganNSND
Mark DeanWV House 21Mingo, Wyoming, McDowellANR
Phyllis WhiteWV House 21Mingo, Wyoming, McDowellAND
Barbara FleischauerWV House 51MonongaliaFND
Cindy FrichWV House 51MonongaliaAYR
Danielle WalkerWV House 51MonongaliaNSND
Debbie WarnerWV House 51MonongaliaNSNR
Evan HansenWV House 51MonongaliaNSND
Joe StatlerWV House 51MonongaliaAYRIndicated weak position on Campus Carry, but has outstanding voting record on 2A.
John WilliamsWV House 51MonongaliaFND
Rodney PylesWV House 51MonongaliaFND
Roger ShuttlesworthWV House 51MonongaliaFNRThe WVCDL does not believe Roger Shuttlesworth possesses the qualities expected from our elected leaders.
Bob BeachWV Senate 13Monongalia, MarionFNDBob Beach lied to the WV public in writing. Railed against Constitutional Carry. On the floor of the Senate, argued that women are incapable of safely carrying or owning firearms.
Mike OliverioWV Senate 13Monongalia, MarionNSNR
Amy SummersWV House 49Monongalia, Marion, TaylorAYR
George AbelWV House 49Monongalia, Marion, TaylorFND
Dave SypoltWV Senate 14Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Tucker, Grant, Mineral, HardyAYR
Stephanie ZuckerWV Senate 14Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Tucker, Grant, Mineral, HardyNSND
Bibi HahnWV House 58Morgan, HampshireNSND
Daryl CowlesWV House 58Morgan, HampshireDNRDaryl Cowles is no friend of the Second Amendment. See 2016 Legislative session.
Kayla KessingerWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighAYR
Luke LivelyWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighNSND
Margaret StaggersWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighAND
Melvin KesslerWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighNSND
Tom FastWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighANR
Jordan HillWV House 41Nicholas, GreenbrierAYR
Paul O’DellWV House 41Nicholas, GreenbrierNSND
Dalton HaasWV House 3OhioANR
Erikka StorchWV House 3OhioBNRVoted against Constitutional Carry override, but otherwise pro-gun votes.
Sean FluhartyWV House 3OhioAYD
Charlie ReynoldsWV House 4Ohio, MarshallNSNR
Joe CanestraroWV House 4Ohio, MarshallAND
Lisa ZukhoffWV House 4Ohio, MarshallNSND
Jason HarshbargerWV House 7Pleasants, RitchieAYR
Lissa LucasWV House 7Pleasants, RitchieNSND
Chris CombsWV House 6Pleasants, Tyler, Doddridge NSND
David KellyWV House 6Pleasants, Tyler, Doddridge NSNR
David KellyWV House 6Pleasants, Tyler, Doddridge BNR
Jim LeachWV Senate 3Pleasants, Wood, Wirt, RoaneNSND
Mike AzingerWV Senate 3Pleasants, Wood, Wirt, RoaneAYR
Terri SypoltWV House 52PrestonAYR
Austin ZuchowskyWV House 53Preston, TuckerAYL
Buck JenningsWV House 53Preston, TuckerNSNR
Corey ChaseWV House 53Preston, TuckerNSND
Casey HortonWV House 15PutnamNSND
Dianna GravesWV House 38PutnamAYR
Geoff FosterWV House 15PutnamAYR
Tom TullWV House 38PutnamNSND
Ed GaunchWV Senate 8Putnam, KanawhaAYR
Richard LindsayWV Senate 8Putnam, KanawhaFNDMade numerous public statements against constitutional carry, and against defensive carry of firearms in general.
Bill BryantWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganNSND
Gary McCallisterWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganBND
Joseph JeffriesWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganAYR
Zach MaynardWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganAYR
Brandon SteeleWV House 29RaleighANR
Mick BatesWV House 30RaleighCNDDelegate Bates is running unopposed, but his grade is reflected here based on his historic opposition of constitutional carry and other 2A legislation.
Ricky MoyeWV House 29RaleighAYD
Andrew EvansWV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeAYD
Jeffry Pack WV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeAYR
Roy CooperWV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeBNR
Sandy ShawWV House 28Raleigh, Summers, MonroeNSND
Rick SnufferWV House 31Raleigh, WyomingNSND
Rollan RobertsWV Senate 9Raleigh, Wyoming, McdowellAYR
William WootenWV Senate 9Raleigh, Wyoming, McdowellNSND
Bill HartmanWV House 43Randolph, PocahontasAYD
Cody ThompsonWV House 43Randolph, PocahontasNSND
Mike HouseWV House 43Randolph, PocahontasANR
William NestorWV House 43Randolph, PocahontasANR
James PickensWV House 11Roane, JacksonNSND
Rick AtkinsonWV House 11Roane, JacksonBNRVoted against constitutional carry, but otherwise voted pro-gun
Carl MartinWV House 45UpshurAYR
Matthew KernerWV House 45UpshurNSND
Bill HamiltonWV Senate 11Upshur, Randolph, Grant, Pendleton, Webster, Nicholas, PocahontasCNRNo vote on Constitutional Carry, Yes vote on Parking Lots
Laura FinchWV Senate 11Upshur, Randolph, Grant, Pendleton, Webster, Nicholas, PocahontasNSND
Barbara DanielsWV House 44Upshur, Randolph, Webster, NicholasNSNM
Caleb HannonWV House 44Upshur, Randolph, Webster, NicholasNSNR
Dana LynchWV House 44Upshur, Randolph, Webster, NicholasBND
Ken HicksWV House 19WayneBNDVoted against Parking Lots, then voted for it, and has voted for other pro-gun legislation.
Mark RossWV House 19WayneNSNR
Robert ThompsonWV House 19WayneAYD
Jason StephensWV Senate 7Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan, MingoANR
Ron StollingsWV Senate 7Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan, MingoAYD
Charles SammonsWV Senate 6Wayne, Mingo, Mcdowell, MercerNSND
Mark MaynardWV Senate 6Wayne, Mingo, Mcdowell, MercerAYR
Dave PethelWV House 5Wetzel, MonongaliaBNDVoted against Constitutional Carry.
Phillip WileyWV House 5Wetzel, MonongaliaNSNR
Andy DanielWV House 10WoodNSND
Bill AndersonWV House 8WoodBNRVoted against Constitutional Carry, but pro-gun otherwise
David BlandWV House 8WoodNSND
Frank DeemWV House 10WoodAYR
Harry DeitzlerWV House 10WoodNSND
John KellyWV House 10WoodAYR
Morgan LeachWV House 10WoodNSND
Vernon CrissWV House 10WoodANR
Jim MarionWV House 9Wood, WirtNSND
Ray HollenWV House 9Wood, WirtAYR
Andy VanceWV House 25Wyoming, McDowell, MercerNSND
Tony PaynterWV House 25Wyoming, McDowell, MercerAYR
Alex MooneyUnited States House of Representatives (2nd)AYR
Tim ArmsteadSupreme CourtAY